Dynamics CRM page load is slow and Optimize performance using Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer

Dynamics CRM page load is slow and Optimize performance using Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer


If you are facing performance issues on Dynamics CRM page load you can try the following Tips

  1. Use Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer to find out what events are taking longer to load and optimise the form by working on the problematic events
  2. Remove unwanted fields from the form (clean out hidden fields). More fields adds to the heaviness of the form and degrades its performance
  3. Remove unused grids ( CRM sub grids as well as third party editable grids such as ableBridge Grids). The grids take longer to load and makes the page very slow
  4. If the Entity has many fields, try to break the entity down into small entities and spread the fields to other forms. This improves the page load dramatically as the page won’t have to load all of the controls at once
  5. Refactor the JavaScript files and remove unwanted code. Also minify the JavaScript resource while publishing

Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer


It is a convenient tool which can be used on Dynamics CRM 2013 and over. It is activated by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+Q when a record loads. It’s works better with Internet Explorer. Some users had trouble using this with google chrome.

When you hit CTRL+SHIFT+Q, the blank tool will load up. You will need to enable it first and click on close button


Now, you can go to a CRM form whose performance you wish to analyse.  Load the form and then click CTRL+SHIFT+Q to see the results:

performance-analyserYou can click on Create CSV and it will give you detailed run down of the events that happened on the form along with the time taken to load those events. You can dump this data into excel and create some statistcs as shown below.


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