New Inbuilt Editable Grids in Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365)

New Inbuilt Editable Grids in Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365)

With the release of Dynamics 365 on 1 November 2016, Microsoft’s Dynamics Team have released a highly desired and long waited feature of inbuilt Editable Grids, which provide rich inline editing in main grids and sub-grids. This means we do not need to rely on third party tools such as AbleBridge for inline editing of grids.

The following list contains the full feature list it supports:

  • In-grid editing of records at the entity or sub-grid level
  • Web and mobile clients
  • Navigation using a keyboard or mouse
  • Grouping and Sorting (Able to group by/sort by any column on current view)
  • Filtering
  • Moving and resizing columns
  • Pagination
  • Lookup configuration
  • Calculated fields and Rollup fields
  • Business rules
  • Hierarchical view
  • Enabling or disabling of cells based on security role

How to enable Editable Grids in Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365)

If you have Dynamics 365 instance (either CRM Online or Dynamics CRM On-Premises) you can start using this feature straight away.

Navigate to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System

dynamics_crm_1 Click the entity for which you want inline editing (eg. Contact), click the Controls tab, and then click Add Controls to display the “Add Control” dialog


In the “Add Control” dialog click Editable Grid

Click Add to add an instance of the Editable Grid.


Enable Editable Grid as default for Web, Phone and Tablet


Save and Publish the customizations

This immediately enables field values to be edited directly from the view.

To test you can go to the Contact Home page, you will notice certain fields are editable. Lookup, Status, Composite fields are not editable


You can also do Group By


Inline edits can also be applied through Sub-Grids.

Editable grids works with Business Rules to display error messages, default values, locked fields and enforce other actions in line with these defined rules.

Javascript controls available for grids and sub-grids can be triggered by OnSelect, OnSave and OnChange for this release.

At any time individual users can revert back to a read-only grid by toggling the Show As option:


Important things to note:

  • CRM inbuilt Editable Grid does not support the following data types (All other Data Types are supported):
    • State
    • Customer type field
    • Composite field
    • Partylist
    • Lookup entity related fields
  • Editable Grids will work with read-only grid metadata and configurations
  • Editable Grids support the following JavaScript events for home grid and sub-grids:
    • OnRecordSelect
    • OnSave
    • OnChange
  • Editable Grids support the following entity level Business Rules:
    • Show error message
    • Set field value
    • Set business required
    • Set default value
    • Lock or unlock field

Happy CRMing…

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