Outlook 2016 and O365: Log onto Exchange ActiveSync mail server (EAS): The server cannot be found.

I installed windows 10 enterprise on my home PC and did not connect to any domain. After installing Outlook 2016, I could not configure my email address ( Office 365 account).

I kept getting this error on Outlook 2016 mail client:

“Log onto Exchange ActiveSync mail server (EAS): The server cannot be found.”

It turned out that Outlook 2016 stopped supporting connections to Exchange by using ActiveSync.

My only hope was to configure the email account using AutoDiscover. But I was not connected to any domain, so this was bit difficult.

In order to set the emails correctly, I had to edit hosts file on my PC and add an entry for autodiscover.mydomain.com

Here are the steps

  1. Get the IP address of autodiscover.yourdomain.com Open the command line and ping autodiscover.yourdomain.com. Note down the IP address you get
  2. Open Hosts file: Open the hosts file at the following location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.
  3. Edit and save the hosts Type the lines like the following example below but replace (yourdomain.com) with your primary domain address that you will use: autodiscover.yourdomain.com Your hosts file should look like the image below:
  4. Setup Email Account  Try again using Auto Account setup and it should work now.
    outlook 2016 Account setup



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